The main profile of our work is renting for different events and the maintenance of the connecting buildings.
Our goal is to provide a special atmosphere for the programmes and also to give wide-range, complex services in order to have a successful event.
The multifunctional sports centre, in other words the Arena Savaria is the complex of the 1000 square metres working hall and the new 8000 square metres, 3-storey hall with a new 1910 square metre arena which can be found on 6 hectares.
The total number of seats is 3500, from which 2000 are fixed and 1500 are mobile.
At other programmes 700 more seats can be set. The total capacity considering standing and sitting persons is 7000.
The Arena Savaria sports complex in Szombathely provides place for 5 clubs and 5 schools from physical education to national championships, including both amateur and professional sportsperson.
Further information:
    - fixed sound studio and mobile sound system
    - complete theatre technology
    - interpreter system (in 50 languages)
    - opportunity of local video recording in the inside studio, video display
    - VIP (70 square metres) and media (100 square metres) rooms
    - eating opportunities from set course to exclusive meals in the local dining room (400 square metres)
    - accomodation: completely new, 8 rooms with 24 beds locally, also 4 motel rooms at the end of the building
    - telephone and internet access
    - regional sports physician complex
    - 1500 square metres asphalt – grassy area
    - controllable heating and cooling system
    - cloakroom and changing rooms
    - parking